Welcome to The Tearoom


Hello! Come in and take a look around, if you like. This is The Tearoom. What is there to see? Well…

… not much yet, but there will be. Soon!
I created this virtual room for several purposes.

  1. To ramble about K-pop.
  2. To draw food.
  3. To share stuff with you.
  4. To come up with as many alliterations as I can.

Who am I?

KMG’s grammar witch and residential IU fan. In real life, you can sometimes find me at K-pop events, usually looking confused and trying to figure out where I’m supposed to go.

Who is that cupcake?caeli_yo

That’s Caeli!
The Tearoom’s mascot – a cupcake with a cake pop on top. Because cake pop sounds similar to K-pop and I like cupcakes and puns.


Now that that’s settled, let’s get down to business.
There will be different segments on this blog, each with its own theme. I’ll introduce them little by little, the first one is going to be here shortly!

Maybe you’re looking a teeny-tiny bit forward to what The Tearoom has to offer.
See you soon!

The Tearoom