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Drama: Miss Hammurabi (미스 함무라비)
Director: Kwak Jung-Hwan
Writer: Moon Yoo-Seok (novel & screenplay)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: May 21 – July 16, 2018



Go Ara as Park Cha Oh reum
Oh reum is a young judge who, full of energy and still idealistic, tries to execute her duty. She just started her job as a judge in Department 44.

Kim Myung soo (L from Infinite) as Im Ba reun
A young judge, who follows the book, dislikes other humans and is considered arrogant.

Sung Dong il as Han Se sang
He is the lead judge of Department 44 and the boss of judges Park and Im.

Ryu Deok hwan as Jung Bo wang
He is a judge in Department 43 and Im Ba reum’s only friend. Judge Jung thinks he knows everything about the court and is very nosey. He is vigorous and witty.

Lee Elijah as Lee Do yeon
She is the stenographer for Department 44. She is a professional and through her network, she knows what goes on in court and the other departments. She has a mysterious night job and judge Jung is interested in her.



On her first day as a judge, Park Cha Oh reum already gets herself into trouble when she prevents a sexual attack in a subway, as someone films the whole incident and posts it on social media. As a young girl she was extremely shy and fearful; her reason for becoming a judge is to help others. As fate has it, her new work mate is Im Ba reun, who was in the same high school with her. In school Im Ba reun was known to be arrogant and avoided contact with other students.
Oh reum’s sense for justice and her belief that only the rich and powerful can buy their way out of prison puts her in direct confrontation with her superiors, who want nothing more than to get rid of her. Only her boss, Han Se sang and judge Im Ba reum support and believe in her.



Most Korean dramas from this genre tend to become boring, or annoying after a while. Miss Hammurabi is the exception to the rule. The 16 episodes compel the viewer to come back for more and not a single episode seemed redundant. Personally, I could not wait for the next episode to air, I was excited. Topics like poverty, alcoholism, sexual harassment and workplace discrimination are all brought up in Miss Hammurabi. These issues and others are still problems in Korean society that many suffer from. I view Miss Hammurabi as one of the best Korean dramas ever and for sure the best of this year. I can highly recommend this drama and you will love the interaction between Go Ara and L from Infinite.

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