Review: Dreamcatcher in Berlin

The creative minds at Happyface Entertainment definitely had the right idea when they re-debuted their group MINX with a new concept and name: Dreamcatcher.
Over the course of a year, the girls went from being largely unknown to going on a Europe tour, becoming the first female K-pop group to perform in Germany.

Risako and I were representing KMG that day. A big thank you to MyMusicTaste for making it possible!

The concert staff had placed a board with colourful sticky notes outside the venue, where InSomnias (the fandom name) could write down some questions for Dreamcatcher before the doors opened.
When we first arrived, a small group of people was dancing in a circle around a stereo blasting various songs. They were probably safe from catching a cold that day, whereas my hands were freezing while I adjusted the camera. It wasn’t the ideal temperature to wait outside.

Fortunately, the event went exactly according to schedule and no fan had to stand in the cold for longer than necessary. Once inside the venue, there was enough time left for those who wanted to buy merch, although the popular items sold out quickly. For those who couldn’t get their hands on an official light stick, a fansite had prepared alternative ones. It wasn’t the only thing they’d organised, we’ll get back to that later.

The room turned into an ocean of violet lights when Dreamcatcher entered the stage. Starting off with “Chase Me”, they set the mood for their trademark dramatic rock-pop right away. “Sleep-walking” added its dark EDM-infused sound. All girls radiated fierce energy and the audience was already going wild.

After that strong opening, the group briefly left and fans were able to catch their breaths. Not for long though: The interpreter animated the crowd to shout Dreamcatcher’s name, who then re-appeared and introduced themselves.

Their fansite had made banners with a cute design based on their latest title track, next to the words “I promise love”. Everyone held them up at the beginning of the first talk session and the girls seemed delighted. They went on to perform “Trust Me” and “Lullaby”.

When staff brought in the board with questions and prompts from the audience, the group entered full fanservice mode, showcasing their best aegyo amongst other things. It wasn’t for the faint of heart and InSomnias screamed their lungs out. The girls discussed their preferences for cats vs. dogs, desired travel destinations and favourite video game characters. Although the latter may have only been applicable to Siyeon, she was met with lots of enthusiasm after revealing to be a League of Legends player.

Singing snippets of music they loved at the moment turned out to be an ideal transition to a segment of covers. Dreamcatcher’s interpretation of songs by Pink, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Girls’ Generation, topped off by a dance cover to Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, blended in well with their own discography. It was a necessary inclusion to reach a sufficient length for the setlist, yet it did not feel forced or out of place. I particularly enjoyed their live renditions of “Lucky Strike” and “Into the New World”, which had previously been released as special clips on YouTube.

Each of the girls randomly selected one lucky audience member to receive a polaroid photo. It didn’t seem like much time had passed at all, but the show was nearing its end. “Emotion”, “Full Moon” and “Fly High” were the last tracks before Dreamcatcher said their goodbyes. They promised to come back soon and did so right away for the encore. Still possessing a stunning amount of vigour, the group delivered an additional explosive performance with “Good Night”.

As a souvenir to take home, the aforementioned fansite had collected signatures from InSomnias on a German flag. I took out my camera again for a final picture of the girls holding it up. They finished the show for good with another cover that had a fitting theme: “Regret of the Times” by Seo Taiji.

My thoughts

Dreamcatcher made an excellent first step for female idols in Germany. Their vibrancy sweeps you off your feet and their overall sound is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often relies too much on the current trend.

I cannot imagine anyone left that night feeling like they hadn’t been showered in enough hearts. While I personally found the exuberant display of affection a little tacky at times, judging from the crowd’s reaction, it was just what they wanted, so my opinion is redundant there. Nonetheless, I love the girls’ ability to jump from adorable animal impressions back to powerful sinister music and how they incorporate both sides into their performance.

As for the organisation of the event, there is not much to say except that MyMusicTaste did a great job. No delays, everything was well-planned and executed. I’d like to compliment the interpreter in particular, it cannot be an easy task to translate for seven people at once and she made it look effortless.

To my knowledge, there were no incidents involving the audience, either.
It was a successful evening for everyone.

Text/photos: Jackie
Video: Risako