Music Milkshake: Happy Halloween!


Hello there. Do you remember me? I started the Tearoom blog in the beginning of this year and after my first posts I… erm… vanished. Well, truth is, I was sucked into another dimension. I had to fight a war against giant monsters and I befriended some of the local aliens. They wanted me to stay, but I told them I had to be back home in time for Halloween.

So without further ado, my spooky K-Pop playlist! (•⊙ω⊙•)

Not every song has a studio version on Spotify, I had to take two live audios and an instrumental track.
There are some more song I wanted to include, which aren’t available at all…

Trigger warning: If you don’t want to see fake gore, murder, torture or general creepy stuff, don’t watch the MVs.

G-Dragon feat. Kush – She’s Gone

My favourite GD song happens to be a perfect addition to any Halloween playlist. It’s from his album “Heartbreaker” .

Lee Junghyun – V

This mischievous song by Korea’s Techno Queen comes with a great cinematic MV. It was released as a single.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

A Halloween playlist can never have too much VIXX and this is undoubtedly their most halloweenish song so far. You’ll find it on their “Voodoo” album.
Note: The album was removed from Spotify and though the song might still show up in my playlist, it won’t play.

Sunmi feat. Lena – Full Moon

Sunmi rocks the vampire concept for the title track of her gorgeous album “Full Moon” .

Seo Taiji –

I’m ending this post with another cinematic MV. The song is from Seo Taiji’s album “Quiet Night” .

Hope you’re all having a sweet and spooky Halloween night!

The Tearoom