Monthly Milkshake: January 2016


February has just begun, but I want to look back on the music of the past month in this segment.
This milkshake is split into these parts: Mixed, Solo and Drama. Let’s go~ ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


The new year starts with a subdued atmosphere and this song gives it a classy twist.
It’s Suzy of Miss A and Baekhyun of EXO singing about a sweet dream.

Collaborations between members of different groups are always interesting, I like getting to hear how their voices match and how they interact. Especially if the groups have very diverse styles.
To be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to say how Suzy sounds from the top of my head, I associate her with acting and modelling more than with her primary job as a vocalist. So I was pleasantly surprised when she started singing, a delicate voice blending in well with the soft melody and with Baekhyun’s creamy timbre.

The Tearoom gives this song 6 out of 10 milkshakes6milkshakes

► Great for sitting at the window with a cup of hot chocolate and sunlight streaming in.

The music video is simple, which is perfectly fine. Suzy and Baekhyun show convincing chemistry and are adorable to watch. The video also features white people playing instruments and the names of The Beatles printed on ugly background furniture – because that’s classy I guess.


You should also check out Lucky J‘s “No Love”, if you like powerful rap and vocals on a beat spiked with traditional string instruments.


This release is a single album with two tracks: “Break Up 2 Make Up” by Zico. Consisting of the smooth “I Am You, You Are Me” and the mournful “It Was Love” sung by Luna of f(x), it shows a different side of Block B’s leader than the one we’re (sadly) used to from his solo activities.

I say sadly, because I did not enjoy his recent music at all. It was the kind of generic hip-hop by try-hard “tough” guys that I find utterly annoying and impossible to take seriously. Which I see as a waste of talent in Zico’s case. Fortunately, this single shows he has not forgotten how to produce sensible music and I hope there will be more to come.

The Tearoom gives these songs 7 out of 10 milkshakes!7milkshakes

“I Am You, You Are Me”
► Great for strolling around the city at night under the neon lights.

The music video takes the title literally, with model Lee Hojeong and Zico portraying a charming comedy of the situation. I have a weakness for these artsy concepts.

“It Was Love”
► Great for when you wish to hear Luna sing about heartbreak, while watching Shinoda Mariko act out the feeling.

A combination I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. It’s a chilling experience.


You should also check out Yezi‘s “Cider”, if you like fierce girl group rappers demonstrating how they couldn’t care less about what people think of them.


I’m currently watching “Moorim School” and although I must say I’m becoming bored by it, the theme song by VIXX called “Alive” is still my jam.

I like a good trap beat and I love how this one changes into the pretty ‘woo’ sounds, then picks up speed again for the dramatic chorus.

The Tearoom gives this song 9 out of 10 milkshakes9milkshakes

► Great for sharpening your sword at the top of a mountain before plunging into battle.

VIXX recorded “The King” for “Moorim School” too, which is not as great, but quite decent. The chorus is a bit dull for my taste. There are other nice songs on the soundtrack, though, especially “Fire” by Hani (not the EXID member).


You should also check out Jang Jane‘s “Don’t You Know” from “Remember – War of the Son”. I don’t know that drama, but she has such a beautiful soothing voice.

The Tearoom