Caeli and the B1A4 Adventure 2015

On a Friday in December, a lone blogger journeys to Berlin and attends a concert.
9 days later, the blogger is in a hurry to sketch their post about the event. 30 days after that, the post has still not been completed. How is that possible?


Well, there isn’t enough time for me to answer that question, so let’s just pretend the concert happened about a week ago. (◔ᴥ◔)

It was my first trip with Caeli and it took me to Huxley’s New World*, where B1A4 was preparing to perform.


At least that’s what I assume they were doing, I wouldn’t know since I was outside the venue, observing what I call the “passersby phenomenon”. If you have ever been in or next to a queue for a K-pop concert, you may have seen them too: The people that stop to gape at the waiting crowd, apparently failing to grasp the concept of a young, mainly female audience lining up for an event marketed towards them.
Some just stare or ask their fellow passersby if they knew what’s going on. They obviously don’t. Others ask the security guards, who frown and say “some Korean boy band”. The truly daring even approach the fans themselves**.


Speaking of which, BANA Germany did a very good job with the numbering. And everyone behaved so nicely! Before and during the show and the VIP event, no pushing, no hysteric outbreaks at the sight of the band. That was really great. I have also never noticed that many children at a K-pop concert before, the atmosphere was quite familiar. 🙂
The photo on the right shows the view from where I was sitting.


B1A4 was amazing, of course and they seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Aside from their flawless performance, I really appreciated the background screen (or rather what could be seen on it) and the stage lighting. Kudos to the technicians!_DSC8942

I was also tricked into giving up about half of my hearing for the rest of the evening. How come? Well, after what felt like a ridiculously short time, the group announced their “last song”, which I guess no one believed, seeing as they hadn’t even played their best song yet***.
They left the stage afterwards and then came back for the encore. So far so feasible. But they didn’t perform an additional 1 or 2 songs… they did like…. actually I don’t know, I lost count at some point. XD It must have been at least five songs. The thing is, I decided to stand up from where I had been enjoying the show in peace and moved ahead to the side of the stage for the encore****.
_DSC9081My ears were objecting, but I wanted to endure this for once and ignored the loudspeaker to my left that was now blasting right at me. I persevered for what felt like another hour and I may have even managed to play it cool (hahaha) or maybe not so much. B1A4 started splashing water from their bottles at the audience, so in addition to being deafened, I was also being dampened, but I stood my ground. I was quite proud of myself.


Ah does this sound like I didn’t have fun…?? I did! Would do it again tomorrow. I’m serious!

_DSC8985After the show I had a nice chat with the other press people and Vanessa from Kinetic Vibe. Thank you again for inviting me and for sending the photos! 😀

We watched as B1A4 did the high5 and photo session. They seem like a genuine, friendly group and all that happiness radiating from the fans is kind of contagious. It was a good evening. I’m hoping for many more in the future!


photo credit: Kinetic Vibe

*which is what the club name translates to

**this can lead to interesting results, like at VIXX’ concert in Berlin… when asked what they were queuing for, an embarrassed crowd was quick to hush anyone attempting to answer with the group’s name (fyi VIXX sounds like the German word ‘wichs’, you may not want to look that up with your boss or grandma around)

***that would be Beautiful Target imo

****I should probably mention that I’m not exactly the type of person who is ‘fun’ at concerts or parties. I don’t cope well with loud noises and flashing lights and thus prefer to quietly stay in the back, observing the scene. Which is why I became a member of the press. ┐(´ʘ‿ʘ`)┌