(Belated) Monthly Milkshake: February 2016


Wait… so you’re telling me March is already over?? When I haven’t even finished the February segment yet??? I literally just started this blog, how embarrassing…
WHERE DID THE TIME GO???? ∑(゜Д゜;) Anyway… here is a late and rotten milkshake!
It’s split into these parts: Group, Solo and Group again. Let’s go~ ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


Hate can be very nice, as demonstrated by 4Minute in their latest release. Now please excuse me while I bounce around the room whispering “I HATE YOU!” (Shouting might upset my neighbours.)

I’m going to be honest with you, I was never a big fan of 4Minute. The members are cool (Hyuna especially is high up on my list), but their music as a group usually isn’t really my thing.
Thus, I hadn’t expected much from Hate and was about to be pleasantly surprised. Here are some of my thoughts while watching the MV:

[Song starts] Well, this doesn’t sound like Skrillex yet. [Hyuna’s verse starts] OK, this is not bad. And how do these sunglasses look so good on her? [Sohyun’s part starts] Wow, who is responsible for her hair?! Oh I think the beat will drop soon. [Sohyun does her high-pitched scream] C’mon the beat has to drop now. [Beat drops] N.I.C.E.

Cube should let Jiyoon rap all the time. I didn’t even know she could before Crazy was released and she keeps getting better! Not many girl groups have 2 rappers, plus her voice goes so well with Hyuna’s.

The Tearoom gives this song 8 out of 10 milkshakes! 8milkshakes

► Great for practising your self-control when listening to it in public and trying to keep a neutral face.

I can’t say I’m a 4Minute fan now, but I definitely appreciate them a lot more than before. The whole album Act. 7 is magnificent!


You should also check out Ladies’ Code‘s “Galaxy”, if you like dreamy space melodies and the girls’ alluring voices.


After releasing a teaser that would have made Narcissus proud (not really, since he was too busy being proud of himself), Taemin drip-dropped some sensual music on us.

First of all, I need to talk about how SHINee’s youngest member is a true inspiration. He is living proof of the fact that singing is something you can learn, that anyone can improve by practising hard and that you should not let others block your path. Taemin wanted to become a singer, but was told to just focus on dancing instead. Still he persevered and now he’s released his second solo album. So whenever you (yes, you reading this) want to achieve something and people say you can’t do it: Do it more than ever! ᕦ(ò_ó)ᕤ

Back to the songs… Drip Drop has a pulsating beat that submerges and kind of pulls you in. Combined with Taemin’s airy voice, it has a certain feel of urgency.

► Great for dancing in the desert… I mean, watch that video… it’s just amazing.

Press Your Number is similar, albeit a little more precise and it adds some sorrow.

The Tearoom gives these songs 7.5 out of 10 milkshakes!7.5milkshakes

I embedded the music video for Press Your Number, yet I actually prefer the performance version.
The MV has nice aesthetics, but the story is rather pointless and Taemin just isn’t a very threatening gangster. He is a stunning dancer though and the Victorian setting and his outfit in this video are rad.

The other choreography version shows him dancing in the L.A. River. Which doesn’t sound particularly healthy..? Pretty sure the water is kinda polluted.


You should also check out Neon Bunny‘s “Forest of Skyscrapers”, if you… well… like Neon Bunny, her music is one of a kind. She’s a great artist, definitely listen to some of her stuff!

Group again

This last section is dedicated to Mamamoo. They have a strange name and an even stranger fandom name (for German fans at least), but they are super adorable.

As someone with a proud height of 160 cm, this song really speaks to me. There is nothing quite like meeting people who are shorter, even if it’s just by 1cm XD.

You’ve got to love the girls’ attitude, they pull off their unconventional concepts in such an authentic way. I’m glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve, something a lot of groups don’t.

Interesting language fact of the day: 넌 is 뭔들… “You is whatever”?? Were you confused by that expression, too?
I was, so I looked around the Korean part of the internet for an explanation. Well, “__ is/이즈 뭔들 (=__ is whatever)” is a slang that seems to have become popular recently. It means that someone is the best at whatever they do. Now the English name of the song “You’re the Best” makes sense!

Mamamoo is a breath of fresh air. Their title tracks are light-hearted, with catchy hooks and I don’t know about you, but they make me happy. ≧◠◡◠≦

The Tearoom gives these songs 7 out of 10 milkshakes!7milkshakes

► Great for a garden party. Not just any garden party, though, there has to be a pool or at least some form of water and cocktails of course.

I would go on, but I need to finish this and start writing the milkshake for this month AND I would like to introduce some other segments too aaaahhhhh~

The Tearoom